Scrum dosed precisely –agile methods!

Scrum dosed precisely – agile methods!

Scrum dosed precisely!

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This well-known statement by Peter Drucker repeatedly shows that the day-to-day business in a project and the people who work on these projects are the measure of all things and not the methods, organisations and measures prescribed “from above”.

CONVIDIUS takes up exactly this point and, together with its customers, develops precisely the procedures that take into account, as far as possible, all the framework conditions, premises and restrictions of the organisation on site. It is too easy to assume that an organisation will automatically move in the direction of a new process model. In most cases, especially in historically grown organisations in conservative sectors, this only happens through pressure and entropy, if at all. The process model is usually adapted to the organisation, but without an actively guided process. It is exactly this actively guided process that CONVIDIUS controls and develops a joint process model with all those involved, which is then accepted and positively implemented by those involved.

An accepted and positively received process model unfolds a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency, thus automatically producing evangelists who can open up and raise further potentials. “The wheel we like to turn turns much faster, even if it is not quite 100% round according to doctrine, than a wheel used 100% according to gage”.

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