Special sector expertise – energy industry, logistics & automotive


We have incorporated our logistics know-how into our own logistics management solution. With our app called “TracePort”, the entire logistics chain is displayed transparently and in a modern way, from goods receipt to dispatch.

TracePort can be conveniently controlled via desktop or app. CONVIDIUS has opted for implementation via PWA, in which the app runs independently of operation on any smartphone. In this way, own scanners are not absolutely necessary, because TracePort can scan barcodes with any mobile device or create and process photos of possibly damaged articles.

You already have your own scanners? Our TracePort application runs on them too. When developing TracePort, we relied on a mix of new and proven software and web technologies. On the one hand, Java is used in the backend, and React and Javascript in the frontend. The app is constantly being further developed so that it runs efficiently at all times.

Another special feature is the tracking of consignments. With TracePort-Tracking, you can provide your customers with their own module with which they can track their ordered delivery themselves. Time-consuming contacting of the forwarding agent, who also has to look through the multitude of deliveries, is no longer necessary with the tracking function.

You already have your own ERP system in use and only need our tracking module? Due to the modular development, TracePort-Tracking can be connected to your existing ERP system.

A special feature of TracePort are the modularly developed logistics modules. The customer can select and compile the logistics function modules he needs. The following variants are possible:

The next evolution of our application has been on the market since October 2021. Not only can you activate tracking during the ongoing shipment processes, but you can also read out a precise check of the delivery route. TracePort provides you with the following information:

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