Machine Learning, Big Data and KI

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Big Data and AI

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data are some of the trend topics in IT in recent years. CONVIDIUS offers you various services, tailored to your needs, to also benefit from modern evaluation and analysis tools. On the one hand, we help you to analyse your existing business processes and identify optimisation potentials together with you. On the other hand, we offer you customised solutions based on established and proven open source solutions such as Hadoop, HBase, InfluxDB, TimeSeriesDB, Graphana, etc.

CONVIDIUS as a consultant

CONVIDIUS as a solution developer

Our experts are available for further consultation. In addition to topics such as evaluations for differential diagnostics, time series analysis for real-time control of assets and intelligent network management, CONVIDIUS advises and implements complex and distributed industrial solutions and has successfully accompanied various customers.

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