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Project management –
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IT strategy

The selection and introduction of a new IT system often represents a complex project for companies outside their own business area. Professional support from our experienced strategists not only puts your IT project on the right track, but also makes it easier for your entire team to focus on their own day-to-day business. CONVIDIUS is happy to assist you in this regard since 2014 with extensive expertise from various industries and projects in the selection and implementation of new software. Our team consists of employees with many years of experience and certification. 

IT consulting

After our strategists have identified the right IT system for you and your company, our consultants come into action. With the help of our needs analysis, they can quickly work out what the optimal framework conditions and requirements in the company look like in order to be able to offer the highest possible working comfort for the relevant employees. A new IT system should streamline processes and thus improve them and make them faster, without losing sight of the IT security factor.

IT Project Management

CONVIDIUS can also offer you valuable support at this level: The tasks of a project manager are clearly defined: All threads of a project come together in his hands. He steers the team and makes sure that the services mesh like cogwheels and are delivered in the appropriate quality. At the same time, he has to keep an eye on the schedule that he has worked out with the team and the customer. Risks, budget and time – the project manager must be able to assess and plan for all of these. The project manager is therefore largely responsible for the success of the project. He or she is also the customer’s contact person and the interface between the customer and the team. Every project is different, and whoever manages it has to get to grips with the job in a new way. 

In the area of IT project management, we also offer experienced and certified employees for both supporting and leading project roles for the successful planning, preparation and implementation of projects. 

Whether you are a project management office, product owner, team leader or project manager, our employees will support you throughout all project phases with proven project management methods and best practices for agile, classic and hybrid IT projects. 

In agile projects, we support you with experienced project managers, e.g. with

Our consistent consulting approach always applies, that within the customer deployment in existing organizational structures, we review and analyze the previous measures before we, also with a hands on mentality, in the agile context the team or also in individual coaching to achieve the appropriate effect or make recommendations. The most important thing is always to take the people with us to ensure the desired success.  

We train our project managers specifically and selectively to the respective needs of our future customers. For this purpose, our project managers have the appropriate certification but also the practical experience to achieve a wide variety of customer goals.  

In agile teams at the customer we very often see the use of hybrid project management structures. In some cases, these structures have grown over a longer period of time. Here, too, we follow the proportionality approach. If a development team already successfully achieves its sprint goals, we go along the way and do not have to be agile missionaries who teach 100% Scrum theory. It is also important here to find a working model that is suitable for the customer so that the customer goals are achieved.

Agile Coaching

In practice, there are different approaches to agile coaching. Knowledge transfer or training can be successfully used by us here. This is followed by the accompaniment of agile work and organizational forms in practice, whereby our agile coach can exert influence as an advisor, but without being operationally involved in the day-to-day business himself. As soon as the team members have gained sufficient experience, our cooperation turns into coaching support. In contrast to a consultant, the responsibility for implementation and decision-making lies solely with the coachees. Thus, our experienced Agile Coaches are comparable to an organizational consultant. He can move on every level of the customer’s organizational structure and brings along entrepreneurial experience from other projects.

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