IT-Experts Recruiting

Finding IT experts, but the right ones!

IT-Expert Recruiting

Thanks to our many years of expertise in IT consulting projects, we are familiar with the different needs of our clients. When crucial know-how is lost and internal resources can no longer cover the needs of the IT department, it is difficult to find a replacement at short notice. New hires often involve lengthy processes and can hold up and significantly complicate projects or even the entire IT operation. In this case, compensation by external specialists can be the solution, whether it is for an entire project or short-term peak load compensation.

With great commitment and precise knowledge of the industry, CONVIDIUS looks for and commissions exactly the experts you need for your current challenges. In doing so, we are fully committed to working with highly qualified experts – making us your specialist for specialists.

CONVIDIUS offers you a large network of freelancers, partners as well as our own employees. We will find the expert who suits you and your needs!

In detail we offer:

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