Marketing & Events

Marketing & Events

Marketing is about the entire customer segment, but sales is about the individual customer. We understand the interplay and bring these areas together. In the past, it was about broad communication or direct marketing. Today, it’s about so much more: positioning, brand management, digitalisation, content creation, storytelling, influencer marketing, social media, lead generation and management, and so on and so forth … We could go on and on with this list. 

However, there is one thing we would like to highlight: Have you already taken a close look at your customer journey? The Customer Journey defines the individual phases that a customer goes through before deciding to buy a product or service. We would like to support you in understanding the behaviour of the target group as consumers and in correctly identifying their needs so that your marketing instruments, content, content formats and channels are better aligned and thus become successful tools for your company. 

In detail we offer:
  • Strategic consulting  
  • Social media consulting  
  • Storytelling / content marketing  
  • Online marketing consulting  
  • Websites, shops, apps  
  • Interfaces for CRM systems  
  • Hybrid and virtual events  
  • Virtual showrooms  
  • Employer branding / recruiting  
  • TV / Film / Radio  

We design all kinds of tailor-made events, small or large: from the rough concept to the detailed planning, we are there with an interdisciplinary team and are responsible for the management of various service providers, prepare the programme items and audience interactions and take care of the moderation, video hosting and archiving of the stream. In doing so, we can draw on valuable practical experience. 

After Corona, trade fairs and events will once again become the most popular industry meeting places. Until then, we work with virtual and hybrid concepts and have the know-how of how an event must look under Corona regulations so that the safety of your customers and employees is unconditionally paramount. You are not sure what you can or may currently implement and in which way? Talk to our experts in this field, who have been allowed to develop and implement a wide variety of concepts for various companies (Audi, Volkswagen, Vergölst, RECARO and others) in recent years.

In detail we offer
  • Strategic consulting  
  • Conception of trade fairs and events  
  • Implementation / process organisation through our network  
  • Full service for online, hybrid, virtual or physical events  
  • Virtual showrooms / shops / car dealerships  
  • Network for moderators / artists / interpreters  
  • Network to influencers  
  • Moderation of events