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Software development

A newly founded software company of the Volkswagen AG has the goal to offer an own software platform for the corporate vehicles. In times of the CORONA pandemic, the task was to work with 100% virtual teams in an agile construct according to SAFe. As Scrum Master and agile coach, CONVIDIUS supported the optimisation of the agile processes and supervised the development teams in agile activities such as dailies, planning, reviews and retrospectives. Due to the challenge of the pandemic, analogue processes had to be transformed into digital ones in a very short time.

In the Scrum of Scrum meetings included in SAFe, higher-level activities and problems of the more than 15 development teams were coordinated and solved with the support of the RTEs (Release Train Engineers). In PI-Planning, which took place every 3 months for 4 full days, the task was to lead the development teams through the main meetings and breakout sessions and to manage overarching software issues and technical dependencies with other teams.

Details of the project

Date 01.03.2021
ProjectSoftware development
CustomerVolkswagen AG

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