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Project management –
agile, traditional or hybrid?

IT-Project management (traditional/hybrid/agile)

The tasks of a project manager are clearly defined: He or she is the one who pulls all the strings of a project together. They steer the team and ensure that the services mesh like cogs and are delivered in the appropriate quality. They have to keep an eye on the schedule they have worked out with the team and the client. Risks, budget and time – the project manager must be able to assess and plan for all of this. The project manager is therefore largely responsible for the success of the project. They are also the client’s contact person and the interface between the client and the team. Every project is different and whoever manages it has to get to grips with the job in a new way. 

In the field of IT project management, we offer experienced and certified employees for both supporting and leading project roles for the successful planning, preparation and implementation of projects.

Whether you are a project management office, product owner, team leader or project manager, our employees will accompany you through all project phases with proven project management methods and best practices for agile, traditional and hybrid IT projects.

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