Agile Best Practice

Agile Best Practice

Using agile methods that suit you

Every company is unique and deserves structures and processes that are optimally adapted to its individual business – there is no “one solution”. Where one company relies on extreme team autonomy, another relies on high-level collaboration. Likewise, there are corresponding hybrid formats.

Factors such as culture, employees, management structure, company size and also products and industry significantly influence the use of the appropriate agile strategy.  

We introduce the agile method that suits your needs or support you with our experienced agile project managers, scrum masters or Agile coaches if required.  

You need an experienced project manager who knows ” Agile” but also masters the classic waterfall method because your organisation does not work 100% according to Scrum or SAFe?  

Our many years of experience and competence are aimed at your individual needs and market requirements. 

We offer
  • Agile coaching by experienced Scrum Masters or trainers 
  • Agile software development by software developers, Scrum Masters or Product Owners 
  • Agile leadership 
  • Agile transformation 
  • Agile training through the CONVIDIUS Academy©